Avanti Cabinet Water Dispenser


The Avanti Cabinet Water Dispenser features a lightweight durable plastic body with contemporary styling that is perfect for both the home and office. It delivers cold and room temperature drinking water from two push button faucets. A large stainless steel reservoir ensures the purity of the water.

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Give visitors and staff a steady supply of delicious water with this Avanti Cabinet Water Dispenser.

Reduce waste caused by individual bottles of water by equipping your office with this Avanti cold and room temperature water Dispenser. Two push-button faucets let you decide which temperature is right for you, while the removable drip tray prevents accidental spills. Each faucet features an LED light indicator to confirm your beverage choice. With a large-capacity stainless steel reservoir, this cooler delivers pure, fresh drinking water with every pour. Detachable leveling legs ensure steady placement on carpeted or tile floors. With its slim, modern design, this Avanti cold and room temperature water cooler fits neatly in the corner of your office, break room or reception area.

Product details:

  • Floor-standing cold and room temperature water dispenser provides fresh water at any time
  • Holds standard 3 and 5 gal. bottles (bottles are not included)
  • Dimensions: 34″H x 11.5″W x 12.5″D
  • Dual taps for instant cold and room temperature water
  • White-colored lightweight durable plastic body
  • LED light indicators for cold and room temperature water operation
  • Large stainless steel reservoir for water purity
  • Large capacity cold water reservoir
  • Detachable Leveling Leg
  • Removable drip tray for easy maintenance
  • Meets or exceeds ADA standard



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